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1) Its own Members

Our own members are the primary resource in the following ways: a) Through membership fee quite a substancial amount is raised; b) Some volunteer to do some activities without pay; c) Some members contribute cash for our activities.

2) Internal Sources

We get resourced also from internal sources which we have categolized as follows: a) Internal friends whose contribution is threefold – Spiritual support; Moral support; and Financial support. b) Internal corperate bodies’ contribution is twofold namely: Moral support, and Financial support – majority of the corperate bodies are glad to work with us since they consider themselves as key stakeholders of environmental sustainability. c) County governments,  National governments, Governmental environmental agencies, and Other relevant ministries like Agriculture, Water and Irrigation, Devolution, Mining, Tourism, Fisheries etc gives us both Moral support and Financial support. This is because, ours is a multform and multi-disciplinary endevour which is meant to compliment the efforts put in by both levels of governments.

3) External Sources

Externally we get resourced egually from: a) External friends who just like the internal friends contribute in three ways namely through: Spiritual support; Moral support; and Financial support. Both internal friends and external friends have been narrowed down into one program called “Friends of ACO Foundation”with a full time manager and supporting team. b) Organizations and Corperate bodies from outside East Africa equally give us both Moral support and Financial support in the spirit of feeling as part and parcel of key stakeholders in the process of environmental sustainability. c) In the same spirit Governments, and Government environmental instituitions outside East Africa give us both Moral and Financial support for our activities. This is in realization that environmental sustainability can not be localized, both the positive and negative effects cuts across the entire globe. The unifying element whenever the negative side effects dourn the poorest and most vulnerable in society regardless which part of the globe suffer most.


To create a conducive environment for life in East Africa by paying more attention to environmental sustainability


To mainstream the principles of environmental sustainability at every stage of development and in each level of governance in East Africa for the common good


1) To Secure a Clean and Healthy Environment; 2) To Promote Natural Resources Conservation; 3) To Foster Art as a Cultural tool to Shape Environmental Behaviour


Leave no one behind in the process of environmental sustainability


Think Big. Act Bigger.